Dont feel like dating after breakup

Her mother also runs Bellatrix Female Warriors, a women’s wrestling promotion that is also based in Norwich. In fact, he is a member of one of the most respected families in Mexican wrestling.

His father is notable luchador Dos Caras, while his uncle is the legendary Mil Máscaras — Mascaras was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012 by Del Rio.

The two-time Divas Champion’s parents, Ian Bevis and Julia Hamer-Bevis, as well as her two older brothers, Zak Frary and Roy Bevis, are professional wrestlers.

Her family owns and operates their own wrestling promotion in Norwich, Norfolk, England — World Association of Wrestling (WAW).

It is not out of the ordinary for those in the wrestling business to find love at work, as evidenced by the myriad of couples over the years — John Cena and Nikki Bella, Triple H and Stephanie Mc Mahon, The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool, and Sasha Banks and a WWE employee to name a few.

With endless travel together and no time off (unless it’s due to injury), it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Paige and Del Rio are dating.

A short while later, this photo surfaced online of the two posing together with fans.

#tatsoul #darksidemachine #clubtattoolasvegas #clubtattoomiraclemile #clubtattoolasvegasmm #wwe #wwefans #papi #dontforgetthechulo Club Tattoo noted on its Instagram account that Del Rio got inked as well.

It is quite visible since he now has a large cross with a ribbon around it tattooed on the left side of his torso.

In July, Corey Graves met up with Paige at the Empire State Tattoo Expo in New York City to find out about the rebellious Superstar’s tattoos for his WWE Network show, .

In a video clip WWE released promoting her appearance, the “Anti-Diva” showed off her “Papi” tattoo.

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