Intimidating shout spell id

What also happens is that the npc doesn't do anything anymore seems like his actions are turned blank.

Have double checked a majority of them to make sure they're still working. You'll be able to tell if you get silenced and it says stunned instead etc.In order to do this, type /ccr or /ccreport enable to activate it or /ccr disable to deactivate it.Would probably never have gotten done without the time of users on MMO Champion and the Wo W EU Forums.What can happen is a npc is intimidated but, rather then follow random movement it can follow the player or it might follow the player highest on his threat table.Also sometimes the npc will continue to hit and follow the player while he is intimidated.The Unstable Affliction feature, for example, will most of the time be of no use to a DPS but for a healer it could be game saving.We all have those days when vent can't be used for whatever reason.NOTE: With the release of Cataclysm, a lot of new spells have been added and some old ones have had their IDs changed seeing as now there is only one rank of every spell.I'm doing my best to make sure everything works but please keep in mind I rely on your feedback to keep everything running smoothly as I don't play every class myself.Thanks to Annias84 for bringing this to my attention.2.00 -Finally got to add slash commands to the addon meaning people can turn it on or off without having to relog and manually disabling it.

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