Who was the pink power ranger dating

Looks like Seal has moved on from supermodels to superheroes.

The 50-year-old "Kiss From a Rose" singer — who separated from wife Heidi Klum last year — has been stepping out in recent days with actress Erin Cahill, best known for playing the Pink Ranger on the 2001 TV series .

He fell into frozen water after saving his younger brother, Taku, and remained in ice for 100,000 years before being discovered and thawed out by Kendall Morgan and Chase Randall.

He first appeared in the episode "Powers From The Past" and left the series in "Here Comes Heximas".

Besides her work on Koda was a caveman before becoming the Dino Charge Blue Ranger, member of the Dino Charge Rangers.Yoshi Sudarso was born in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta but moved to Los Angeles at the age of nine.He has worked as an actor and model, but also as a stuntman on films including .Granted, we don't want to overlook these actors' achievements, so we looked into what they have done and what they are doing now.Many of these folks have kept busy since leaving the series while some have done little more than their time as a Power Ranger. The 15 WORST Power Rangers We took a look through all 23 seasons/incarnations and the recently-released feature film to find the most alluring of them all, but we could have missed one or two so please sound off in the comments and let us know if we missed any of your favorites.In her role as Megaforce Yellow, she rocks a tiger motif and pilots the Tiger Zord. Gia remained for 22 episodes of where she made it to the semifinals.She has since worked on numerous television series, more than 10 feature films and has continued her modeling career, which has gotten her work on nine Music Videos.If you can't tell by looking at his picture on the right, Andrew M.Gray works predominantly as a model but has a few acting credits outside his work on Maya hails from the jungle planet Mirinoi where she grew up in a peaceful village before her world was attacked by Furio Scorpius' general in an attempt to possess the Quasar Sabers, which were placed in a stone altar more than 3,000 years before.PHOTOS: Seal and Heidi in happier times On Tuesday, Feb.26, the two were photographed side by side at the Venice Family Clinic's 2013 Silver Circle Gala in Beverly Hills.

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